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One Nutritional Number
for a Food or Beverage Product with a Simple Barcode Scan

We Make Nutritional Analysis Crazy Easy.

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Getting the ServingScore number is simple.  Use the scanning feature in the ServingScore app to scan the food or beverage product barcode.  The app will search for the nutritional information regarding that product and give you the ServingScore number calculated for that product, based on its nutrients.

The ServingScore number is simple too. The ServingScore number for a product represents the composite nutritional value of that product relative to other products. The higher the ServingScore value, the more nutritious the product on a composite basis. By comparing the ServingScore value of one product to the ServingScores value of comparable products, you can quickly and easily see the most nutritional product choice.

We even put the ServingScore number in a screaming bright green circle to make it easy for you to see that the values are from ServingScore!


The ServingScore number for each product is generated with our patent pending algorithm, which takes into account the following considerations:

  • We value all of the food and beverage product nutrients identified by the USDA (except water, because you can easily adjust your water intake);

  • We give positive weighting to the healthful nutrients: 

  • We give negative weighting to the unhealthy nutrients: and

  • The weighting of each nutrient is adjusted relative to all other nutrients in accordance with our understanding of current nutritional science.

Positive Factors



Good Fats

Vitamins and Minerals

Negative Factors

Excess Sodium

Excess Sugar

Bad Fats



The ServingScore app is designed to enable you to compare products in a particular food or beverage category in order to find the most nutritious products in that category. So, use the ServingScore app to compare food and beverage products in categories like cereal to cereal, soup to soup, cake mix to cake mix, dairy milk to other milks, quick meal to quick meal, cookies to cookies, salad mix to salad mix, snacks to snacks, etc.


Remember that you should have a balanced diet that consists of foods in all of the basic 5 food categories, including protein foods, vegetables, fruits, dairy (and non-dairy alternatives), and grains.  To these basic 5 categories, some add additional categories, including nuts/seeds and legumes, oils and sugar.  As you eat your balanced diet, use the ServingScore app to enhance some of your category selections.


What if I can't find the ServingScore nutritional value for a product?

Our database of food and beverage product nutritional information is growing. Stay with us as we expand to include hopefully all products on the shelves of your favorite grocery stores.

Will the ServingScore App help me to have a balanced diet?

The ServingScore App is designed to enable you to compare products in order to find the products offering the highest nutritional value. However, it is up to you to maintain a balanced diet. Some products, like black beans or edamame noodles, for example, are very nutritious, but man cannot live on beans alone. It is important that you eat plenty of fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and healthy beverages to maintain a balanced diet.

I’ve seen other apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

No other app takes into consideration all the nutrients of a particular food or beverage product and assigns a single, relative value to that particular product, using such a wide scoring range. Most other food apps focus on calories or fat content or use highly generalized values. The ServingScore App considers all the nutrients singled out for evaluation by the USDA and considers the detailed weighted impact of both the healthy nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and sugar, and the unhealthy nutrients like excess sugar, cholesterol, certain fats and salt.

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